The Wingsart Top 100 Film List

12 Angry Men

I should start off by saying that this list is a work in progress. When I set myself the task of picking my favourite 100 films I pretty much wrote down the first that came to mind. Also, unsurprisingly, it’s a close match to my own blu ray collection. It’s an honest and unpretentious list, made up of some guilty pleasures and more ‘worthy’ titles, but are all films that I return to again and again, and wouldn’t hesitate in calling classics of their genre.

I should also add that this top 100 is in no particular order at the moment (although number 1 probably would be 12 Angry Men, followed by Close Encounters) and i’m almost always referring to originals and not remakes. I’ll add (remake) next to the title if that’s the case. Enjoy!

  1. 12 Angry Men
  2. Close Encounters of The Third Kind
  3. Star Wars: A New Hope
  4. Return of the Living Dead
  5. Poltergeist
  6. Cinema Paradiso
  7. Malena
  8. Life is Beautiful
  9. The Terminator
  10. RoboCop
  11. The Godfather Part 1
  12. The Godfather Part 2
  13. The ‘Burbs
  14. Carlito’s Way
  15. Army of Darkness
  16. Black Swan
  17. The Goonies
  18. Die Hard
  19. Misery
  20. Doctor Zhivago
  21. Rocky
  22. E.T.
  23. Glengarry Glen Ross
  24. Sunset Boulevard
  25. Pulp Fiction
  26. True Romance
  27. The Big Blue
  28. Key Largo
  29. Big Wednesday
  30. Fearless Vampire Killers
  31. Blade Runner
  32. The Apartment
  33. The Lost Boys
  34. Tombstone
  35. Fright Night
  36. The Hustler
  37. Dead and Buried
  38. Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
  39. Lady and the Tramp (Disney)
  40. The Great Dictator
  41. Alien
  42. Aliens
  43. Back to the Future
  44. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  45. Predator
  46. The Running Man
  47. Ghostbusters
  48. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  49. Big Trouble in Little China
  50. Halloween
  51. The Thing
  52. My Neighbour Totoro
  53. Akira
  54. Le Roi et L’oiseau (The King and the Mockingboard)
  55. The Sweet Smell of Success
  56. Grand Hotel
  57. Point Break
  58. What Happened to Baby Jane
  59. All About Eve
  60. Batman Returns
  61. Niagara
  62. The Misfits
  63. The Tarnished Angels
  64. The Lost Weekend
  65. All That Heaven Allows
  66. Grapes of Wrath
  67. Lola Montes
  68. Jean de Florette
  69. A River Runs Through It
  70. Wall Street
  71. Heat
  72. The Insider
  73. The Night of the Hunter
  74. Cool Hand Luke
  75. The Right Stuff
  76. Blow Out
  77. L.A. Confidential
  78. The Paper
  79. Amadeus
  80. High Spirits
  81. Spider Baby
  82. Death Becomes Her
  83. The Witches of Eastwick
  84. Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  85. The Odd Couple
  86. Das Boot
  87. Broadcast News
  88. Clue
  89. The Exorcist
  90. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
  91. Jaws
  92. Stand By Me
  93. The Game
  94. Whiplash
  95. Psycho
  96. Bride of Frankenstein
  97. The Invisible Man
  98. All That Jazz
  99. East of Eden
  100. Modern Times

Hopefully you aren’t now screaming at your screen saying “No Jurassic Park!” or “Not a single Bond movie!” Post your Top 100 and lets see how they compare.




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